Two Facebook Robots Create Your Own Language

Facebook Robots
Researchers at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research build two chatbots with artificial intelligence in order to mimic the process of human negotiation. But the robot was forced them to turn off, why?

Alice and Bob, the names of the two chatbots, use artificial intelligence that aims to learn to negotiate by mimicking the process of selling, buying, and bartering like humans.

But when Alice and Bob were paired up to negotiate each other, the two turned out to be conversing in their own language. They originally did use human language, but they then developed their own language.

Both bots should learn to exchange balls, hats, and books. They must value each object, then practice bartering between the two, according to the Telegraph

Unfortunately, Facebook's research team does not require that the exchange should be done in English. As a result the negotiation process was not running properly and both bots were forced to shut down because humans can not understand what they are talking.

"There is no prize for using English, so bot agents move from understandable language and create code that they only understand," said Dhruv Batra, Facebook researcher.

Many netizens responded to this news with fear, that it might be the beginning of the robot can think for themselves. But at this stage, there seems to be no real threat from robotic technology or artificial intelligence.