Uber Says Founder Travis Kalanick Will Not Be The CEO

Travis Kalanick
One of Uber's founders, Garret Camp, responded to the news about the possibility of Travis Kalanick re-occupying the CEO position, which he just released some time ago. Camp ensures Kalanick will not be reassigned as CEO of Uber.

Reported by Business Insider, Camp conveyed it to Uber employees through a memo. He at once confirmed the search for a new CEO is still ongoing.

"Despite rumors I'm sure you've seen on the news, Travis will not be back as CEO, we're committed to hiring a new world-class CEO to lead Uber," wrote the Uber Director.

Camp's remarks are supported by a large investor of Uber, Benchmark. The venture capital company mentioned the new CEO on his Twitter account.

"We firmly believe a thousand Uber employees are very interested about what can be achieved with the right new CEO," chirped Benchmark.

The Camp and Benchmark statements came a few days after The Information reported that Kalanick was piling support from Uber employees. Kalanick made sure to get support if he tried to regain control of the company.

In addition, Recode previously also mentioned Kalanick has expressed his desire to regain the position of CEO to a number of people. He wants to return as CEO, just like the story of Steve Jobs who returned to Apple in the 1990s.

Kalanick took off as CEO in June 2017 after a group of investors demanded his resignation. The insistence was due to an internal investigation that revealed a number of cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and various other problems in Uber internal. 

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