Users Can Now Phone via Google Home

Google Home
As per its promise on the Google I / O title some time ago, the company officially presents a calling feature that can be accessed via Google Home devices. For now, these new features can be enjoyed in the United States and Canada.

Users can now directly call someone by using voice commands via Google Home. And Google Assistant's virtual assistant will respond directly to the user's prompt.

Google mentioned this feature can also make it easier for users who have trouble finding contact numbers. Google Assistant can find the person you want to call yourself, including looking for phone numbers that you can not save to your contact list.

The problem is, the caller's contact number will not appear on the receiver's phone screen. It would be annoying because the caller could be considered a spammer.

But it is likely that it will be fixed soon Google and will be presented at the end of this year.

Just know the user can enjoy this feature with WiFi connection. So users do not need to turn on cellular connection or buy internet package.

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