Video Download Tips On Youtube From Android Smartphones

Youtube Offline
10 years ago a video sharing site called Youtube is present in cyberspace. Since then Youtube growing rapidly until now the third most frequent site visited every day under Google Search and Facebook.

Growing up to be great, Youtube is one of the most innovative sharing media, one of them is Youtube Offline. This feature is used for Android smartphone users can still enjoy the video on Youtube site even though not connected to the internet connection.

The following tips take advantage of Offline Youtube feature of Android devices.

1. Download the latest Youtube app update from the Google Play Store to get the Offline feature in your app.
2. After that select the video to be seen then look for the download symbol on the smartphone screen to download videos that can be enjoyed without internet connection. But keep in mind if not all the existing video on Youtube available in offline version.
3. After that, you will be faced with the video selection option to download. Choosing the HD menu will make the downloaded video an excellent quality. But the consequence is the download time will grow longer and also will eat more memory capacity of the smartphone. 
4. If the download process runs smoothly, then you will immediately get a notification or notification if the video has been successfully downloaded. Later this video will be stored in the Offline menu contained in the Youtube menu column.
5. If the video successfully downloaded, enjoy Youtube video freely even without internet connection.