Visa Develop Wearable Stickers for Payment

Visa seem to want to make the payment system in the world easier with a variety of ways. The proof, the institution of the world credit card issuer creates a wearable sticker that can be used to make payments.

As reported by Wareable, this sticker can be installed in the skin on any body part. The way it works is easy, just stick to an interconnected payment connection device. Voila, payment is complete.

Each transaction uses a token instead of exchanging information with a unique digital code. That way, no one does not know how much you are paying.

Given this is a sticker, what if this sticker is detached from the skin? To overcome this, Visa has its own way, ie synchronize to the application. So, when the sticker is completely detached, the user simply disables the payment option with stickers in the app.

This is not the first wearable payment made by Visa. The company had developed a payment ring tested at the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Later this year, Visa developed sunglasses tested at the Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro surf competitions in Australia.

If all tests are successful, Visa will likely sell them to the market. However, it is uncertain when the entire device is officially sold.