WhatsApp Status Can Now Use Colorful Background

WhatsApp Status
WhatsApp Status arrives a new feature that allows users to embed text with colorful backgrounds. This feature was first released on Facebook in December 2016 ago.

Users can select font type, background color, and embed links. It is expected that this feature can add user options in expression in WhatsApp.

For WhatsApp users who become beta testers aka beta tester, this colorful status feature actually can be tested since the beginning of this month.

The general public gets the official version starting today, (22/8/2017), gradually.

You can simply update the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Previously, the short messaging service has accommodated video and photo-based status just like Snapchat.

Users can shoot photos and videos of certain moments and last up to 24 hours.

Services under the auspices of Facebook, the WhatsApp and Instagram, uniforms capture features that become Snapchat characteristics.

Ironically the features of the cheat sheet were even more salable.

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