Xiaomi Mi 5X and Mi Mix 2 Ready for Next Month?

Xiaomi Mi 5X
Xiaomi will release two new flagship phones next month. Both are Mi 5X and Mi Mix 2. Xiaomi Mi 5X seems to be releasing in India on September 5th tomorrow. While Mi Mix 2 will be introduced in China on 11 September.

According to rumors and teaser circulating to date, Mi 5X is said to be featured as a flagship phone with two cameras. The use of two camera technology is also rumored to follow the Mi 6, which uses two sensors of different sizes.

The two cameras will also use telephoto and wide angle lenses allowing users to snap photos better in different conditions.
Given this phone will be released in India, there is a big possibility Mi 5X will be released in countries other than India and China. This is because the announcement of this mobile teaser posted via social media account Xiaomi Global.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi is also reportedly preparing Mi Mix 2. As already known, Mi Mix is one of the flagship Xiaomi phone that has a screen without frame.

Mi Mix first version comes with the ratio of the body to the screen exceeds 80 percent. Unfortunately, the phone still has some flaws. Of course many who expect Mi Mix 2 will perform better, especially in terms of camera.
Mi Mix 2 will launch within 2 weeks, will probably be the first smartphone to have only 1-2 percent bezel. Philippe Starck, a French designer, helped Xiaomi in making Mi Mix last year. Now, it seems he will also step in the making of smartphones without the first bezel.
One interesting thing about Mi Mix 2 is its lower bezel which is much thinner than the first Mi Mix. In Mi Mix launched last year the sensor and front camera is in the bottom bezel. Now, at first glance there is nothing there. But the close-up photo shows there is a front camera on Mi Mix 2.