Xiaomi Mi Note 3 with 2K OLED Display Will Come Next Month

Xiaomi Mi Note 3
August and September seem to be busy months for smartphone vendors. After several vendors ensure the presence of new flagship products, such as Samsung with Galaxy Note 8, Asus with Zenfone 4, LG with LG V30, now turn Chinese vendor Xiaomi.

According to the latest report quoted from Gizmochina, Xiaomi is expected to have two flagship devices to be released this year. One is smartphone bezelless Mi MIX 2 and another one is Mi Note 3.

So far, only Xioami Mi MIX 2 has been frequently mentioned by CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun, while for Mi Note 3 there has never been any leak from the company.

Now a rumor indicates Mi Note 3 will be released late August or early September 2017. If this proves true, it means Xiaomi change the release schedule of this smartphone, because Mi Note 2 previously comes two years after Xiaomi released Mi Note.

Last year, Mi Note 2 was launched simultaneously with Mi MIX in November 2016. Mi Note 2 stole the attention in the last year and received praise because the device can be used on the global LTE network. However, the smartphone is also discussed because the design is very similar to the Galaxy Note 7 which unfortunately had an accident.

If Mi Note 3 is released soon, it means Xiaomi will likely be holding a separate release event for Mi MIX 2. It is also a form of corporate strategy to capture the attention of the market that is now waiting for the Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30.

So, what kind of Mi Note 3? According to leaked circulation, Mi Note 3 will come with 2K screen with a curve either on the screen or the back. Xiaomi reportedly use the screen from LG because Samsung OLED screen has been ordered by Apple.

The performance of this smartphone will be supported Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB RAM. Mi Note 3 will run MIUI 9 interface.

So far believed Mi Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inch screen like its predecessor. About the camera, the company is based in Beijing is also believed to improve the quality of the main camera. Previous Mi Note 2 comes with a 22.5MP camera.

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