YouTube Testing the Current Viewers Counter

Soon, you'll probably know when a video on YouTube starts to become viral.

YouTube seems to be testing a new feature to display concurrent viewer numbers, which is the number of viewers who are watching the video at the same time in real-time.

So far, this feature is still in the testing phase and can only be used by some Android users. This audience count will appear below the video title, where it usually appears the total number of views from a video.
Basically, this feature has a similar function to see the number of viewers when the video is broadcast live. However, this feature works not to count live video audiences, but regular videos uploaded to YouTube.

For creators, this tool works to know when your video is starting to get an audience. While the audience can benefit because they can know when a video began to attract the attention of the citizens. This tool can also be used to satisfy a person's curiosity, just to know how many people are watching the video they watch.
Prior to this, the latest feature that YouTube added was the messenger feature. This feature allows users to submit videos and chat on new tabs in mobile apps. YouTube's goal of providing this feature is to make sure YouTube viewers are talking about videos they watch on YouTube and not other messaging platforms.