7 Tips to Optimize Limited iPhone Storage

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For many iPhone users, especially those who bought a 16GB variant would have been familiar with the struggle to keep the iPhone storage media is not full. Unavailability of microSD slot to increase iPhone storage capacity, the only solution you can do is buy an iPhone with larger internal memory capacity, either 64GB or 256GB.

However, what if you do not have enough money to buy an iPhone model with a larger storage capacity?

And now we will share the solution to solve the problem you face. Check out more details below.

1. Remove unneeded apps

One of the fastest ways you can do immediately is to record any applications that are not used and delete them.

2. Use the streaming service

Try not to store your favorite collection of songs or movies within iPhone. It's a good idea to switch to an existing streaming service like Spotify, Joox, Deezear, iFlix, Hooq, or Viu.

The above app offers a feature that lets you enjoy content offline. Although it must be downloaded first, the content can you delete manually or automatically without having to bother to sync iPhone to PC or Mac.

3. Save photos in Google Photos

Although Apple offers storage in the cloud via iCloud, unfortunately the service has a quota limit of up to 5GB.

As a solution, it's good you download the Google Photos app. Not only offers a more spacious storage options, you can also store high quality photos.

After saving or backing up photos in Google Photos, you can delete the photos stored on the iPhone. All you have to do is tap the icon at the top left> Settings> Manage device storage> Free up space> Delete.

4. Turn off Photo Stream

Photo Stream feature in the Photo app is very useful if you have multiple iOS devices, because you can take photos using the iPhone and can be shared to other iOS devices.

But if not, it's good you turn it off with Settings> Photos & Camera> turn off My Photo Stream.

5. Turn off the settings in the Camera app that stores both original and HDR photos

HDR feature on the iPhone is very helpful when it wants to take photos with more detail under certain conditions.

The problem is, your iPhone is automatically set to save native non-HDR photos by default, meaning you will have the same two photos when the HDR feature is on.

To change the settings, go to Settings> Photos & Camera> and turn off the Keep Normal Photos option at the bottom.

6. Make sure photo-based apps do not store the same photos

Some photo editing apps like Instagram always save original photos before editing using the app called.

This app can also save the photos you take directly using the application into the iPhone storage media.

Therefore, open the photo editing app you installed on your iPhone and turn off the original photo storage option on your iPhone.

7. Clear the cache data in the browser

Whether you use Safari or Chrome to surf the internet on your iPhone, it's a good idea to routinely clear the cache on the browser, as it can make the storage media on a limited iPhone get crowded. 

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