Acer Launches Two Degrees 360 Cameras

Acer Vision360 And Acer Holo360 Camera
Acer joins the 360-degree video enthusiast by launching two new cameras, including those designed for your car, at the IFA 2017 Berlin exhibition. Acer Holo360 is a 360-degree camera-sized camera powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

The LTE-connected camera comes with a 3-inch screen and can take 4K 360-degree video. This camera also runs Android 7.1, making it easier for users to share their videos via social media.

Another camera announced by Acer is Vision360, a camera designed as a high-end dashboard camera. Vision360 is designed to film every corner of your car during a 4K clash, then upload it to a cloud with GPS coordinates and your speed.

If your car is not moving and hit by Vision360 will activate, record clips, and send notifications to your phone. This solution is much better than a simple dashboard camera especially if your vehicle gets hit from behind.

Vision360 also supports remote tracking and location tracking to help you find your car in the parking lot, and users will be able to watch the recording back through the Acer VR headset.

Acer Holo360 will sell for US $ 429 when launched in November, and Acer Vision360 will reach € 349 when released later this year in Europe.

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