Alexa Now Available on Amazon Music Mobile App

alexa amazon music
Amazon officially announced the integration of its digital assistant, Alexa, on Amazon Music app on Android and iOS operating system. This lets users provide music-related voice commands that they want to play.

Voice commands are now becoming common, especially after Amazon's products and services take advantage of the technology. In addition, voice command technology has now been deployed to its streaming business and music store.

Since Amazon Echo launches, users can take advantage of Alexa to play music without the need to give orders manually.

To take advantage of digital assistant support, the updated version of Amazon Music's iOS and Android apps is supported by the push-to-talk button.

Artificial intelligence technology (AI) that supports it is claimed to be able to understand user commands even when the command is not too specific.

Alexa's support also allows users to display song lyrics of desired musicians, as well as play music according to user's mood and activity.

Meanwhile, Amazon increasingly aggressively developing hardware-based technology and is rumored to develop wearable devices smart sunglasses type with integrated digital assistant work, namely Alexa. Amazon step is considered quite brave by many parties, because the device has never been successful.

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