Alibaba Will Build Shopping Center

China's e-commerce giant, Alibaba, is reportedly building a five-storey shopping center in the area around its headquarters in Hangzhou, China. The building, named after More Mall, is standing on a 40,000 square meter site and will start operating in April 2018.

The mall will be filled by a number of brands from TaoBao's e-commerce platform and a number of new technology retailers, such as makeup testing mirrors and virtual dressing rooms.

Alibaba has also developed a number of other digital-physical retail since 2015, beginning with the launch of Hema service.

The Hema service allows users to order their everyday products via mobile apps, which will appear in the form of a physical store that is reportedly also available in More Mall.

More Mall is Alibaba's formative step to achieve the goal of combining digital and physical retail with logistics and data units in order to gain a cohesive understanding of how people are shopping.

The action taken by Alibaba is not new in the realm of online trading to offline. In June, Amazon bought Whole Foods retailer.

Amazon's purchase is intended to obtain data more quickly so that it can dominate the industry by applying a stable supply distribution infrastructure.

This is done in order to survive in the midst of intense competition, with the help of offering a very affordable price. The two e-commerce giants are not satisfied with their achievements in their home countries.

Therefore, Amazon expanded its Prime service coverage to China in October while Alibaba presented a mobile payment system at nearly four million stores in the US region in May.

Alibaba Group also conducted experiments with cafes without cashier and utilize artificial intelligence technology and big data technology in the method of payment without cash used. Supporting payment methods at the cafe, Alibaba utilizes its own electronic payment service, Alipay.

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