All Nokia Phones Can Android Oreo

Nokia Phones
Finnish smartphone maker HMD Global announced that it will provide Android 8.0 Oreo upgrades for all its homemade smartphones, including the Nokia 3, which is a smartphone at an affordable price.

The Oreo update for Nokia 3 is confirmed by Chief Product Officer, HMD Global, Juho Sarvikas via a tweet.

Sarvikas stressed that Nokia 3, which uses the MediaTek processor, will also get an Oreo update, although the update to Android 7.1.1 for the phone is pretty slow. While other Nokia smartphones use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor.

Sarvikas did not say when exactly the update for the Oreo will slide. However, given that Nokia does not do much customization on Android that its phone uses, chances are, the update will be available faster than other smartphone manufacturers.

Google launches Android 8.0 Oreo on August 21st. However, at this time, the operating system is only available for Pixel and Nexus in beta testing programs. Google said the Pixel device will get the new OS update "in the near future".

Usually, smartphone manufacturers take months to launch Android updates. Even sometimes, there are some devices that do not get updates at all. This is what causes fragmentation in Android.

Previously HMD has promised that they will provide monthly security updates and fast OS updates. They are one company that claims that they will provide an Oreo update before the end of the year.