Anti Face ID mask is for sale for iPhone X User

Anti Face ID mask
Promising a better security system, FaceID facial recognition features are featured on iPhone X. And on the other hand this feature also creates new business opportunities. Many believe that FaceID can be easily tricked by simply scanning the user's face in such conditions as sleep. 

This gap is considered to be utilized by other parties who want to know the contents of mobile users, such as for example by Wife or others.

In order for that to not happen, a product that is claimed as anti FaceID is marketed in one of the marketplace services in China.

The product in question is a mask. Variants also vary, which only has a hole in the eye. Then that includes a hole in the mouth. In fact, if you want to be more secure, there is a mask that is completely without holes.

The seller boasted that iPhone X users would be safe from FaceID's weaknesses when using it. Because his face is covered with a mask. This anti Face ID mask is quite affordable. Interested users only need to spend about US $ 5.48.

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