Apple Advertising Show 8 Things to Love from iPhone 8

iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been officially available in countries on the first countries list of availability. Apple also began presenting a great marketing activity for its latest smartphone. The American company released the first ad for both smartphones last Friday.  

The ad features eight things to love from the iPhone 8, a quick and concise way to share Apple's opinions regarding key selling points of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple calls the iPhone 8 a very special because it is equipped with the strongest claimed glass panel, Portrait Lighting mode for new photos, wireless charging capabilities, and the most powerful processor support, better camera, water resistance, Retina HD display, and Augmentation Reality.

The feature is Apple's eighth featured feature on the iPhone 8. Meanwhile, JerryRigEverything's YouTube account tested the durability of the smartphone, and scores well on the ability to fix.

In the test, this Apple smartphone camera gets the second best value when compared to a smartphone that was tested using DxOMark, while the iPhone 8 Plus gets the best value from all the smartphones.

Apple released a statement related to mobile connectivity issues on the device. According to Apple, when Apple Watch Series 3 tries to connect with unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks, those smart watches can not connect to mobile networks, and Apple will bring improvements to the next update.


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