Apple and Amazon Seek James Bond Movies

James Bond
Sony's distribution rights for the James Bond movie ends in 2015, and now the rights are contested by a number of companies, including Apple and Amazon.

Actually Warner Bros. is the company called the most interested to buy the distribution rights. But Apple and Amazon are reportedly ready to buy the rights with the same value as Warner Bros, or even more expensive.

In addition to the three companies, there are also MGM, Universal, Fox and Sony who are also interested in getting those rights. But what Apple and Amazon in the fight over James Bond is not just on the right distribution.

They believe that in the future, Bond film franchise will be purchased, if MGM want to sell it. The franchise itself is believed to be worth between US $ 2 billion and US $ 5 billion.

Until now there is no further information about the struggle for distribution rights. But the announcement should not take a long time, because the latest Bond film is currently in production, and is scheduled to be released in November 2019.

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