Apple iPhone 8 Does Not Use Home Button

iPhone 8 not home button
Apple will eliminate the home button on the iPhone 8. That is, this decade-old iPhone marker smartphone will be Apple's first smartphone that does not have the key.

The reason behind the removal of the home button was because Apple pinned the gesture control feature. However, because this feature requires a place to put the sensor, but on the one hand Apple insisted to make a phone without a bezel, then the home button was to be sacrificed.

Sacrifice is certainly not in vain. This feature allows users to enter the main app view and open a multi-tasking view. Its function is almost the same as Assistive Touch in previous series. Interestingly, you do not have to touch the gesture control feature button to do something.

Previously, spread leaked that iPhone 8 will use A11 chipset. The information is quoted from a source from within Apple. If the news is true, of course the iPhone 8 will have a high speed, ie 3 gigahertz (GHz). Just a comparison, A10 chipset used in the iPhone 7 has a speed of 2.3 GHz and A9 in the iPhone 6S has a speed of 1.85 GHz. 

This chipset will bring heterogeneous multi-processing (HMP) technology. This technology allows all core processors to run simultaneously. Some testers display the results of two initial tests. Namely, single core and multi core test capabilities with Geekbench 4 Primate Labs application.

In a single core test, this chipset gets a benchmark score of 4,300 to 4,600. As for the multi-core reach 7000 to 8,500.

Other leaks say that the tenth anniversary of this iPhone phone shows the phone it will be present in three colors. The leak shows the back of the phone which has a dual vertical camera, the Apple logo and no Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The back of the phone features a shiny copper, silver and black color.

The recent iPhone 8 display also unintentionally leaked Apple through a pre-release HomePod firmware that was uploaded to a public server some time ago. The firmware should be disseminated internally.

In the firmware there is the image of the first official iPhone 8 100 dubbed "D22". Despite being silhouetted, it tells many things. For example, the loss of the home button. The images that appear confirm the speculation that Apple will soon kill the feature on the front of the phone.

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