Apple Launches iOS Update 11.1

iOS 11.1
Apple has released the first public trial version of the iOS 11.1 update to its iOS software amid growing complaints from users about the software following iOS 11 launch. The test comes just two weeks after the iOS 11 software was released and a week after Apple forced to issue emergency 11.0.1 update to handle the main problem.

It seems that many users are still suffering from problems ranging from crash applications to reboot, causing Apple to issue an update 'beta' version 11.1 of the controversial software.

A week since Apple launched iOS 11, amid complaints about rapidly depleted battery life, random shutdowns, and phone jams in apps, the company has released the first update. Apple released iOS 11.0.1, touting bug improvements and fixes.

While it's still unclear which bugs have been handled specifically, some iPhone users have reported that improvements so far seem to include battery issues.

Since the new operating system was first launched, disappointed users have found that iOS 11 is a battery power backup killer. But, that's not the only problem.

Some people have reported that this system generally fails, causing problems with Apple Pay, TouchID, and iMessage. Some users also report bugs where their phone network is displayed in Chinese characters, even though it is a UK or US network.

In response to the problem, Apple issued a quick fix, by issuing iOS 11.0.1. Apple users who have updated their devices to use iOS 11 primarily have experienced issues with their battery life and app performance.

Some users claim that their phones are stuck on the app and hard reset is the only way to solve this problem. Applications including Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Safari, are all affected. For others, iOS updates have spent their battery life, although there seems to be an explanation for this issue.

The mobile security company in London (Wandera), found that the iPhone using iOS 11 took 96 minutes to empty their batteries from 100 percent. Those who use iOS 10 take longer, which takes 240 minutes.

Liana La Porta, head of content marketing at Wandera, conducted a study of 50,000 iPhone batteries. The study found that battery draining may lead to the iPhone Spotlight app.

New functionality in iOS 11 can also be responsible for depleting your phone. Animoji and FaceID's iPhone X hardware use face scanning technology that relies heavily on a camera that is a battery sucker.

"The hardware that enables advanced face recognition on iPhone X could be the reason why there is a dramatic difference in battery level decay."

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