Apple Offers $ 18 Billion For Toshiba

Apple reportedly is preparing 400 billion yen worth of funds to participate in the purchase of Toshiba's chip business unit. The tech giant of the United States (US) is part of a consortium led by Bain Capital.

Toshiba has been long enough to sell its chip business unit. The business unit is currently valued at US $ 18 billion.
In addition to Apple, in the consortium led by Bain Capital it also has SK Hynix and banks from Japan.

Bain Capital and SK Hynix are said to be disbursing 1.1 trillion yen. While the combined Japanese banks will provide money worth 600 billion yen.
Then Toshiba itself was also asked to disburse 200 billion yen into the suit. This bid was made to block the offer of a $ 1.9 billion Western Digital consortium.

If the offer is accepted, Bain Capital with Toshiba will manage 46 percent of the chip business unit. As for Apple, the existence of its investment will secure the production and development of memory solutions in the future.

Thus, Apple would be easier to increase the capacity of memory in the device. As is known in recent years, Apple often increase the memory capacity in iPhone, iPad and Mac. It could be that action will continue.