Apple Only Use 12MP Camera for iPhone 2018

Apple will increase the megapixel scale that equip iPhone 2018 model, after previously rumored to have ordered the entire smartphone lens module with a resolution of more than 12MP. The module will be distributed to the assembly line at its new plant in Taiwan, owned by Largan Precision.

Largan is said to be the only company that creates modules for smartphone cameras over 12MP, capable of producing modules according to the amount required and desired by the technology monster.

Largan will produce 600 million lens modules per month at the new plant, six times more than its current production capacity. The additional assembly lines will reportedly begin operating from next month, but new production will be added gradually.

Largan CEO Lin En-ping said the new plant will be able to produce modules with a variety of lenses, a camera with a large aperture for photo quality in better dim lighting conditions, and lenses claimed to handle 3D sensors for facial recognition features.

The rear camera of the Apple iPhone 7 features a 12MP resolution lens module, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus dual rear camera also has the same resolution.

iPhone X is expected to occupy the highest position related to the quality of the camera and megapixel that will support it, from all ranks of smartphones presented by Apple. This is not surprising considering the iPhone X staying as Apple's flagship smart phone.

Apple is also starting to promote the feature that will be carried by the new mobile operating system, iOS 11, through windows pop up Tips that appear on a number of specific iPhone and iPad models.

One of the major changes that carried Apple's latest mobile operating system is its support only for 64 bit devices.

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