Apple Watch 3 Launches Support for Cellular Networks

Apple Watch 3
Smartwatch never became the next big thing, after the presence of smartphones, but Apple became one of a number of companies that successfully marketed the wearable device. Apple officially launched the third generation of its smart watch, Apple Watch Series 3.

The latest iterations of Apple's smart watch comes with a similar look of its predecessor, with a more robust design line and comes with more features.  

One of Apple Watch Series 3's flagship features is the availability of the LTE antenna, allowing it to connect to the mobile network.

The feature allows users to make phone calls directly on smartwatch. The Watch app can also work in new ways, allowing users to play music, receive notifications, and track sports without the need for smartphone help, as well as allow occasional users to travel without mobile phones.

In addition, another advantage of Apple Watch Series 3 is on the support of W2 dual-core processor, claimed 70 percent faster when compared to the processor on Apple Watch Series 2.
This support opens new opportunities for application developers.

Using the watchOS 4 operating system, these smart watches are also supported by a number of other features, including Siri support.

Similar to iOS, Siri takes advantage of machine learning based on the routines and applications the user uses, and is able to bring related information in the time the user wants.

Apple also features improvements to the Activity app, featuring more personalized notifications on watchOS 4.

Apple's latest wearable device operating system also introduced a better Music application, capable of importing new Apple Music playlists automatically, and supports playlists in large quantities.

Meanwhile, Apple will market these smart watches in two versions, the LTE version for US $ 399, and the non-mobile version for US $ 329. The launching time of Apple Watch Series 3 is scheduled for Friday, September 22nd, and is preceded by a pre-order program starting on September 15th.

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