Apple Watch Sales Defeat Rolex

Apple Watch
Apple Watch sales beat Rolex. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, claims Apple Watch sales are up 50 percent year on year. Even so, he did not announce the exact numbers.

"This makes us the number one watchmaker in the world," Cook said at the launch of their latest iPhone series at Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, California, USA, Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

According to estimates by Canalys technology analyst company, Apple Watch sales throughout 2016 reached 11.9 million units. Then, in 2017, Canalys predicts sales of smart wristwatch Apple reached 18 million units.

Cook also claims, sales of smart watch Apple beat the sale of Rolex which has been the world's number one watch manufacturer. "Last year we were second, this time we became number one," he said.

Sales of Swiss watches are falling in the face of intense competition with the launch of smart watches. Total Swiss watch sales are down 10 percent year over year, including Rolex.

Apple Wacth increasingly rising after the launch of the second generation, last year. The device looks more fashionable, especially in collaboration with Hermes and Nike fashion brands.

Apple Watch third generation comes out with improved specifications. This watch is already connected to 4G mobile network and GPS independently. So, it can be used without connecting to the iPhone.

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