Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Alzheimer's

Scientists around the world are constantly looking for ways to detect Alzheimer's as early as possible. With the sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence, early detection of Alzheimer's was becoming a reality.

The team of researchers from the University of Bari, Italy, calculated the algorithm to track changes in brain structure caused by Alzheimer's. This calculation is even claimed to be done 10 years before symptoms appear.

They train their AIs by giving them brain scans using MRI. A total of 38 people were Alzheimer's, while the rest were in good health. AI will analyze the relationship between neurons from the samples.

Afterwards, tested the algorithm they had designed against 148 brain scans, 48 of whom had Alzheimer's, 48 samples were from patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment, while the rest had good health conditions.
Thus, AI can diagnose Alzheimer's patients with an 86% success percentage. Their algorithm is also capable of detecting patients with mild cognitive impairment with an accuracy rate of 84%. These results illustrate how potentially both use in detecting Alzheimer's as early as possible.
With more samples, it is possible that AI and the algorithm will be more accurate. But so far, it still takes time and further development for this algorithm can be used as an early detection system Alzheimer.