Artificial Intelligence Write the 6th Novel Game of Thrones to Complete

Game of Thrones
The 7th Season of the Game of Thrones is over. Loyal fans of this colossal TV series had to wait at least another year and a half to wait for the 8th season.

The name of the Game of Thrones that became the most successful TV series, was also not separated from the novel series. Known, this colossal TV series is indeed an adaptation of the novel by George Raymond Richard Martin.

Just like the fans of the serial version that awaits the 8th season, loyal fans of the Game of Thrones novel also can not wait for the 6th volume of the novel.

The 6th novel, entitled "The Winds of Winter", was revealed by Martin, will slide in 2018. However, there are fans who can not wait for the presence of this novel, one of them Zackarey Thoutt who admitted frustrated with the story that will roll at The Winds of Winter.

Because it's anxious with the fate of the story of The Winds of Winter, the man who also happens to work as a software developer also creates artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) who can write stories, even finish the book.

This intelligence is based on repeated neural networks (RNN, Reccurent Neural Network). A computer program to process the order of data, such as text. How it works is similar to the human brain.

RNN has an artificial neural network with algorithms that study machines like human brains. Not only memorize or follow instructions, but also learn from mistakes that have been done.

It is claimed to work well in processing long data, such as text from the previous Game of Thrones series.

Therefore, RNN still have to learn the work of novel Game of Thrones earlier in order to combine the style of language and plot the story. He even had to remember the storyline so as not to re-introduce the characters who have died.

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