Bill Gates Now Use Android

Bill Gates
One of the founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates admitted that now he uses Android smartphone, not Windows Phone.

"Later, I started using an Android phone," Gates told. Windows Phone failed to attract people. As a result, Microsoft-made smartphone that only get a small part of the smartphone market share, which is controlled by Android, Google's mobile operating system.

However, Gates admitted that he installed a lot of Microsoft applications on his cell phone. When asked if he also has an iPhone as a second phone, he replied, "No, I do not have an iPhone." Unfortunately, Gates did not mention the Android brand he uses.

Microsoft is struggling to win the market with Windows Phone. Microsoft's entry into the smartphone business begins with the purchase of Nokia mobile phone business in 2014.

However, per year ago, Windows Phone only contribute less than 1 percent of the total smartphone market.

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10 can be used on a variety of devices, from tablets, laptops to desktop computers. Even so, there are only a few Windows 10 smartphones released. In April, Microsoft began selling a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the United States.

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