BlueHole Worries Fortnite Threatens PUBG

The appearance of battle royale mode in the Fortnite game seems to have made the PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) developer worried. They even released official statements about their recent public concerns. The developer of PUBG, Bluehole is actually not worried about the game that follows the footsteps of PUBG. They are precisely worried that the position is pressed by the Epic Games passively.

"We understand why a lot of games are following the PUBG, but we are more worried about the battle royale game mode offered by Epic Games at Fortnite Epic Games holds Unreal Engine licenses, game engine that we use to develop PUBG," said VP and Producer at Bluehole , Changhan Kim.

Kim said that it is concerned Epic Games will "passively push" because of those who hold the Unreal Engine license.

The pressure according to Kim can be a special feature that can only be used by Epic Games to enrich the battle royale mode gameplay at Fortnite.

Bluehole could have modified the Unreal Engine and presented a special feature. However, in accordance with the license agreement, Bluehole must publish its modifications so that it can not be used exclusively. The situation that makes Kim worried because Bluehole own license to pay Epic Games.

Bluehole will discuss this with the Epic Games in the near future. Epic Games party itself still has not given an official statement on this issue.