Buy Burgers Can Use Virtual Currency 'cryptocurrency'

Burger King
Virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly rising. As if do not want to miss, Burger King fast food chain in Russia joined the release of its own virtual currency.

As the name implies, the virtual currency named "WhopperCoin" is given as a sort of gift to customers who buy Whopper burgers at the restaurant.

The WhopperCoin can then be stored in a digital wallet based on the Waves blockchain platform, a virtual currency rival Ethereum. That way, WhopperCoin owners can transact and transmit the virtual currency.

What is WhopperCoin for? Consumers can use it to buy burgers at Burger King restaurants. One Whopper burger for example, priced at 1.700 WhopperCoin.
For each rubel (Russian currency) spent, the consumer will earn one WhopperCoin, while one Whopper burger is priced at 400 rubel. That is, consumers can get one free Whopper (bought with WhopperCoin) after buying 5 Whopper.

"Now, Whopper is not just a burger that people love in 90 different countries, but also investment tools," said Burger King Russia head of communications, Ivan Shestov.
WhopperCoin has so far only been available in the Burger King fast food chain in Russia only. There is no plan to expand its coverage to other countries.

Next month, the Russian Burger King plans to release iOS and Android apps to simplify the use of WhopperCoin.