Demanded Record Label, YouTube-MP3 Site Will Be Closed

YouTube video downloader and a collection of record labels such as UMG, Sony Music and Warner Bros. has approved a draft court decision. Although the document has not been signed by the judge, it seems, the court will win the record labels.

The party is required to provide a sum of money in return and provide the domain to the party representing the record label. is a site that allows people to convert YouTube links into MP3 audio files and download them.

The Recording Industry Association (RIAA) calls the site a YouTube video converter site to the biggest audio.

Last year, the record label included charges for copyright infringement on the site. Mentioned, this site is responsible for more than 40 percent of audio downloads from video.

According to the studio in 2016 by the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), turning video into audio is one of the most common types of piracy in the recording industry. Nearly 50 percent of 16-24 year olds use services such as those offered by

The suit specifically mentions 304 songs downloaded illegally through the service, including Clarity from Zedd, Born This Way from Lady Gaga and Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliot.

In the suit, the prosecution requested a compensation of US $ 150 thousand per song proven to be hijacked with the argument that helps the illegal distribution and profit from the label's content through advertising on its website.

The record label claims that, tens or even hundreds of thousands of songs are illegally downloaded and distributed by video-to-audio converter service every month.

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