DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Can Now Go Longer

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
In IFA 2017, DJI announced that it will launch a better version of the Mavic Pro drone named Platinum. With this new quadcopter, DJI tries to eliminate the two main weaknesses of Mavic Pro, which is the short duration of flight and noise.

Mavic Pro Platinum can now fly for 30 minutes and 60 percent quieter when compared to its predecessor, according to DJI. Mavic Pro Platinum can be ordered starting today and will be available in the market this month. This drone is priced at US$1,099.

Mavic is known as a small size drone. To ensure that the drones do not sound noisy, DJI uses a better electronic speed controller and a propeller with a new design, the DJI said. This new propeller can also be used on Mavic Pro.

DJI also introduced a new version of the Phantom 4 line intended for professional users. The new version of the drone is named Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian. Basically, one new thing about the drone is its color. The drone now has a black color.

Dreadlock camera from this drone is also now made with a more formidable material. Obsidian drums Obsidian gamal is now made of magnesium and coated with an anti-fingerprint coating and electrically plated. The drones that will also be available in September are priced at US $ 1,499.

The DJI also provides a small update for Spark. The DJI added a "Sphere" drawing mode to the $ 500's selfess drone. Sphere mode allows the drone to take panoramic images with a fisheye lens effect. This feature will be available when the latest firmware update is released.

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