Dubai Start Test Flying Taxi

Flying Taxi
Creating a new type of vehicle like a flying vehicle is no longer just a plan, Dubai proves that such a vehicle can be realized. One is a vehicle projected as a flying taxi that will operate in the Arab Emirates. On Monday (25/9) the country has been flying a prototype flying taxi made by a company called Volocopter originating from Germany.  

The company was deliberately just fly their prototype to the public when it was ready to fly, not when still a design.

"We performed publicly when we managed to create something, when we were able to create flying cabs that really fly, we want to prove it with facts, not vision or design," said Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Volocopter Alexander Zossel.

The drone maker made a prototype flying prototype with two seats in it like a cockpit on a helicopter and used 18 propellers or a circular propeller at the top. This vehicle can fly within 30 minutes with a maximum speed of 100km per hour.

In flight tests conducted, the flying taxi is still flown unmanned with a remote control to test the various malfunctions that can occur in the vehicle as well as the embedded features to prevent all those problems. The test was witnessed by Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

The country's crown prince added that he wanted his country to start focusing on the technology of the future. He himself wants the flying taxi to be a smart vehicle that can fly without human control.

This flying taxi is the only fully-fledged vehicle development project. Other companies that have developed a new type of vehicle include Airbus, Uber, and which have also been exhibited are Kitty Hawk supported by Google founder Larry Page.

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