Elon Musk Suppose AI Can Trigger World War 3

Elon Musk
While many nations are paying attention to North Korea and its latest nuclear test, Elon Musk has warned the world that the country's race to develop artificial intelligence is even more likely to trigger World War 3.

"China, Russia and soon all countries with sophisticated computer science State competitions to master the field of AI are more likely to trigger
World War 3, in my opinion," wrote the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX is through Twitter.

This dark statement appears to be Elon Musk's response to a report stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin also sees the possibility that AI technology will affect geopolitics.

"Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but also for all mankind," Putin said. "AI appears with many opportunities, but it is also a difficult challenge to predict Whoever can become a leader in this field will be a world leader."

However, Putin also added, "If we become leaders in this field, we must share this knowledge in all countries, just like how we share our nuclear technology now."

Musk explains his further concerns on Twitter. He feels, World War 3 will not happen because of the decision of the head of state, but by the decision that an AI makes for a government or military a state or military.

"Maybe the war will not be started by the leaders of the country, but by one of the AIs, if he decides that starting the attack is the best way to win," he wrote. This is not the first time Musk has expressed concern about the existence of AI. Last month, he joined more than 100 AI experts to write to the UN to ban the creation of robotic weapons.  

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