Elon Musk Wants to Use Rocket for Earth Transportation

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced his plans on a trip to the Moon and Mars at the conference last night. He ended his announcement with one promising appointment, using an interplanetary rocket system to travel long distances on Earth. 

Musk showcased a demonstration of the idea on stage. He claims, this transportation system will be able to take passengers on the longest journey in just 30 minutes and go anywhere on Earth in less than 1 hour at the same cost as economy airfare.

The Musk idea is to use a giant SpaceX rocket (codenamed Big Fucking Rocket or BFR) to lift a large aircraft into Earth orbit. The plane will then land on a landing pad that is left floating near the big cities.

The rockets and planes to be used are still mere theories. However, Musk said he hoped the rocket construction to be used would begin within 6-9 months.

In the video illustrations, passengers use large ships from ports in New York to launch a rocket that floats in the water.

From there, they then climb onto a rocket that Musk also wants to use to bring humans to Mars in 2024. The rocket will come out of Earth's atmosphere, though it will not go to another planet and only take passengers to cities in other parts of the world.

About 39 minutes later, the plane re-entered Earth's atmosphere and landed at a landing site near Shanghai. The landing process is the same as when Falcon 9 landed at the landing site at sea.

In the video mentioned, the journey from Hong Kong to Singapore will take 22 minutes, London to Dubai or New Work 29 minutes and Los Angeles to Toronto 24 minutes.

If this theory succeeds, this transport system will be the fastest method of travel. This aircraft will reach speeds of 18 thousand per mile, even faster than Concorde.