Face ID, Face Scanner for iPhone X

iPhone X with Face ID
Apple brings features of the face scanner for iPhone X security. What are the claims of this great feature? The true feature of the face scanner on the smartphone is not new.  

A number of mobile phones have already brought this feature long before the iPhone X was released. But not Apple's name if they can not repackage with better ability.

Face ID, once Apple gave the name, presented as a replacement for the Touch ID. The company, led by Tim Cook, claims the FaceID feature is much safer than its fingerprint sensor. When the Touch ID has a 1: 50,000 error rate, then the Face ID is better, ie 1: 1,000,000.

This feature will automatically scan and confirm the user's identity without having to press the button. In order to have this capability, Face ID uses multiple artificial neural networks built into neural engines in the A11 Bionic processor to process face recognition data.

In the scanning process, Apple equips the iPhone X with TrueDepth Camera to deeply mapping faces, thus getting a detailed overview of all user faces.

Apple claims the iPhone X is very secure. It's hard for someone to forge face scanning through photos and more. Yes, although Apple had suggested adding a passcode if the user had a very identical twin.
So what if the user is using glasses or growing a beard on the face? Face ID can still recognize. This feature mapping 30,000 points in the user's face, so it can adjust the face changes over time.

So whether you wear glasses, have different haircuts or become thinner than before, Face ID still recognize. Even when you do makeup that makes the display change even this feature still recognize.
TrueDepth Camera can also make a sharper selife with an opaque background. Most interesting, the TrueDepth Camera lets you create an emoji animation.

The TrueDepth Camera feature captures and analyzes over 50 different muscle movements. Furthermore users can express themselves with 12 animoji, there are pandas, cats, aliens and others.