Facebook Offers Pay Label for Music in Home Video

One of the most frequent activities of users on Facebook's social network is uploading multimedia content, including their work videos or home videos. Amateur video users are not uncommon to use songs by famous musicians or indie musicians.

The use of the song on the video is classified as illegal, and Facebook is reportedly trying to help deal with the problem.

According to Bloomberg Resources, claims that the social network offers hundreds of millions of dollars on record labels and publishers to get full version of the song permission for use on videos uploaded via Facebook.

Facebook does this to bring convenience to users. That way, users no longer have to worry that their videos will be forcibly removed as a result of infringing copyright-related rules and damaging the important moments of the users they want to share.

The source also indicates that the reason for Facebook to enter into agreements with record labels is not only to free users to upload the content they want, but also for their own interests.

Facebook is predicted to implement a music marker system that infringes copyright, but, this implementation takes two years.

If Facebook succeeds in getting the agreement related to the music license, then they will have time to complete the system. During that time, user-uploaded videos can still be shared on social networks and do not cause label-related issues.

Indeed this does not guarantee that Facebook will get a deal with a record label. However, Facebook has a compelling reason to acquire licensed songs.

Currently, Facebook is heavily investing in the realm of video. This investment is not limited to professionally-made events, which are available in the Watch section, but also amateur videos. The more videos a user can watch on Facebook, the longer time users spend on the social network.

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