Facebook Prepares Information Center When Disaster Or Crisis

Facebook Crisis Response
Facebook announces Crisis Response an information center where people can find more information about a crisis or disaster that is happening, directly on the social network.

"When a crisis occurs, people use Facebook to allow friends and family to know they are safe, understand and share more information about what is happening and help the community recover," said Mike Nowak, Product, Social Good Facebook written.

When people receive Safety Check notifications on Facebook or learn about the crisis that has occurred, they may not know much about the incident. So Facebook will include links to articles, photos, videos from public posts to access more information.

Activation of Safety Checks and crisis-related information will also appear in the timeline to provide additional details about a crisis.

"As part of this update, Facebook also introduced links to articles, videos and photos posted publicly by the Facebook community to help people get more exposed to information about a crisis," he said.

When accessing the crisis page, users will see four devices. Among Safety Checks or Security Checks, Links to Articles, Photos and Videos, Community Aid, and Fundraising.

Crisis Response can be accessed on Facebook in the coming weeks from the desktop or on the user's mobile phone. "We hope this update will continue to provide people with information that helps them to stay safe and help the community to recover," Nowak said.  

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