Galaxy S8 and Note 8 Users Can Turn Bixby Buttons Off

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung finally let users of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 disable the Bixby button, a button dedicated to activate the Samsung virtual assistant. This latest update is only accepted by some users of Galaxy S8 and Note 8. So, there are still some users of Samsung's latest premium smartphone that can not disable the Bixby button.

You must also disable the Bixby Voice feature. If not, then the feature will still function as usual. That means, if you press the Bixby button for some time, then it will enable Bixby. After you turn off this feature, the Bixby button will not have any functionality.

Disabling the Bixby button will minimize the frustration you feel when you accidentally Bixby button, which is adjacent to the volume button.

Unfortunately, the latest update from Samsung has not allowed you to change the function of the Bixby button. For example, letting the button work to open certain apps or features. This update only lets you turn off Bixby virtual assistant.

Bixby is considered an unnecessary addition, considering that all new Android phones can already use Google Assistant, a virtual assistant from Google that can also be enabled by voice. Assistants are considered to work much better than Bixby.

The only thing Bixby does but can not do by Assistant is changing phone settings, such as lowering screen brightness or volume.

In addition, the existence of two virtual assistants in one phone will only make users confused which virtual assistant should they use. This problem is not only found in association with virtual assistants on Android smartphones.

Usually Android phones offer two applications with the same function, ranging from sender messages, photo galleries to email applications.

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