Get to Know Samuel Johnson, Google Doodle Today

Samuel Johnson
Google celebrates Samuel Johnson's birthday with Doodle today. Johnson was the author of the most comprehensive English dictionary in the 1750s.

Google's decision to show Johnson in Doodle is a bit ironic, given the existence of search engines or search engines is one of the reasons why dictionary sales are down. However, Johnson's dictionary can be regarded as the beginning of search engine creation.

Johnson was born in 1709. He spent 9 years making the Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1755. The dictionary became the most complete English dictionary until the Oxford English Dictionary was completed in 1928.

The dictionary made by Johnson is actually not very complete, since the first edition of the dictionary has only 42,773 words. By comparison, English has more than 250,000 words.
However, Johnson's dictionary of his time was mentioned as the greatest achievement in academics.

Johnson is best known for his dictionary. However, he is also known as a poet and spent years creating a collection of Shakespeare's works.

Despite his career success, Johnson who was disabled because of tuberculosis when he was a child is often in debt and having problems with women.

Although known as one of the world's greatest dictionary makers, Johnson had problems with liquor and also women. His wife, Tetty, was addicted to an alcohol-mixed opium laudanum dying in 1752, before Johnson could finish his dictionary.

She then falls in love with a woman who already has a husband, Hester Thrale. When Thrale's husband died, he moved to Italy.

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