GO Keyboard Applications Spying Over 200 Million Android Users?

GO Keyboard
The latest report mentions a pair of third keyboard apps found on the Google Play Store, the GO Keyboard potentially spying on Android device users. However, developers listed as GOMO Dev Team claim to have never collected any personal user information including credit card related information.

In addition, the GOMO Dev Team also claims to care about the privacy of messages typed by users and recipients of those messages.

It is considered not as a matter of concern, because the app is thought to have access to data that displays the user's identity as well as phone call records.

The Go Keyboard app is also reported to have access that allows it to listen to conversations via a microphone on the device. This app has over 200 million users and is expected to communicate with many ad networks and third party trackers.

After installing one of two GO Keyboard apps, user-related information is transmitted. And in 20 countries, this app was chosen as the best app of 2016.

According to the report, the GO app sends information such as Google's email address, screen size, Android version and device model to the server.

Can record every letter typed on the phone, the server owner can start collecting the desired information from GO Keyboard users.

Google has reportedly received the information, though it has not yet decided what to do. Users are advised to remove apps from their phones.

The two apps are named "GO Keyboard-Emoji keyboard, Swipe input, GIFs" and "GO Keyboard-Emoticon keyboard, Free Theme, GIF". Both of these applications offer emoji and and GIF for text messaging, and are a free premium app. Both of these applications are expected to send users personal information to servers in China. 

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