Google Appeals Against Fines EUR 2.4 billion from EU

Google appealed the EU's decision to impose a penalty of EUR 2.4 billion in June. This Google decision will extend the case for years. The EU began investigating Google search practices in 2010 and began investigating in 2015.

The charge against Google is to prioritize their own price comparison feature while other sites that are competitors are placed at the bottom of the search results.

Although Google has filed an appeal, they have not asked the court to suspend a court ruling in June. Apparently Google will still try to fulfill the court's decision. At the end of last month, Google has submitted a plan regarding how they change their way of operating so as not to conflict with EU antitrust rules.

At a glance in reviews conducted by EU authorities, Google's plans have been approved. Google is required to stop its allegedly infringing act on September 28th.

If they fail to meet these demands, they will get an additional fine of 5 percent of Alphabet's daily average daily earnings, Google's parent company.

Last week, Intel earned a small victory because EU antitrust fines of US $ 1.4 billion have been requested for review. This is considered a positive signal for Google's efforts to appeal. However, in the future Google still have to face 2 other penalties.

The European Union will provide Google with penalties for other antitrust violations involving Android software and AdSense ad services. A Google spokesperson confirmed that they would indeed file an appeal.