Google Assistant Will Go Android TV

Google Assistant
Six months after promising the presence of personal digital assistant work on Android TV, Google occupies its promise and announces that Google Assistant will be rolled out to a select set of devices starting September 28, United States time. The first device that will be able to enjoy Google Assistant is NVIDIA Shield TV, while Sony Bravia TV will receive updates to take advantage of the digital assistant in the coming months.

Google Assistant will be available in Shield TV in update form, so users should make sure to receive updates and press the microphone button on the remote after the device restarts. Google Assistant allows users to instruct Shield TV to play content.

Users can play different types of content, from movies, TV shows, to video clips and music on YouTube.

Also available is HBO Now, Netflix, and YouTube support, enabling users to enjoy content by name and channel names only.

Google Assistant also lets users know the latest news, from business, technology to entertainment. A number of apps like Wall Street Journal, Fitstar and Tender, for Google Assistant are also available on Android TV, allowing users to take advantage of them.

After you finish using Google Assistant, users can immediately disable it. Users can control the volume, pause, and control of smart home devices and so on, just by making use of voice commands. 

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