Google Block Autoplay Videos in Chrome Next Year

Google Chrome
Google will block videos that automatically play on the latest version of Chrome browser. "Starting Chrome 64," Google wrote in an official post blog, "autoplay will only be allowed when the video does not make a sound or when the user shows interest in the media."

How does Google know you'll be interested in a video? You will be considered interested in autoplay videos when you add a site page to your phone's home screen or when you often play videos on a site via Chrome. Beyond that, the autoplay video will be automatically stopped until you click the start button.

In his blog, Google mentioned that this feature will slide in January 2018, when Google launched a major update for Chrome, which is Chrome 64.

The autoplay video blocking feature is already announced for Safari browser in a developer conference event held in June. The feature will be available on September 25, when the Sierra High macOS launches.

If you're the type of person who hates autoplay videos, you can download Chrome 63, which lets you block audio from sites you think are disturbing. Update Chrome 63 will Google launch next month.

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