Google Change the Nexus 6P Replacement Service Policy Problems

Nexus 6P
Google secretly replaces most of the damaged Nexus 6P devices due to hardware problems with Pixel XL units. Unfortunately, the replacement policy of the defective unit applies only to consumers in the North American region.

Customers in Europe and Australia have admitted that they have not received the same treatment, or only a small portion of Nexus 6P device owners who accept Google Pixel XL as a replacement device. Google is no longer performing the Nexus 6P replacement policy of the problem.

Google reportedly advised consumers to contact the manufacturer of the device, which is Huawei. In addition, the purchase location on the Google Play Store does not affect the policy. The situation may differ if the device owner is a member of the Nexus Protect program.

No longer replacing problematic Nexus 6P units that are not covered by warranty, Google still offers Pixel XL devices for device owners who are still covered by warranty or registered as Nexus Protect members. 

Google also does not provide other smartphone options as a replacement for Nexus 6P beyond the warranty period.

According to the emails received by Nexus 6P problematic phone from Google Support, Google confirms that its company no longer replaces the device unit unless it is within warranty coverage. Unfortunately up to now, Huawei has not provided an official response related to the Nexus 6P issue.

Google has recently rolled out a new feature for its instant messaging app, Allo. The new feature will allow users to play games directly in the app, without having to exit the conversation window first.

While Huawei has revealed their plans to announce their next flagship smartphone, Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, next month. The plan is also supported by leaked information related to Huawei's latest smartphone is circulating on the internet.

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