Google Pull YouTube from Amazon Echo Show

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Google seemed to punish Amazon for creating a major competitor for Google Assistant. Google decided to remove YouTube support from the platform on the Amazon's 7-inch smart sail speaker, the Amazon Echo Show. Amazon expressed his disappointment regarding Google's decision. In a statement, Amazon called Google to remove the streaming service from Echo Show without notice or explanation to the device owner.

Amazon also added that there are no technical reasons that support Google's decision. Google's decision assessed Amazon not only disappoint the company, but also hurt the e-commerce giant customers.

Google says the use of YouTube by Amazon on the Amazon Echo Show violates its service rules and creates an unpleasant user experience. Google hopes to reach an agreement to resolve the issue immediately.

A number of speculations circulating that Google is not satisfied with the failure of Echo Show in offering two features available on other YouTube implementations.

These two features are autoplay and the ability to subscribe to channels. Previously removed, Echo Show offers video news services, Amazon Video and YouTube streams.

Virtual Assistant Amazon Alexa, has been a star throughout 2017, and can be found alongside Google Assistant on devices like the HTC U11 and Huawei Mate 9. In addition, integrated with Amazon also supports the ease of doing shopping activities that are served by Alexa. 

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