Google to Acquire HTC?

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HTC is reportedly in the final negotiation phase to sell some of its business to Google. The acquisition is considered to have a goal similar to the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone hardware division by Microsoft and Google on Motorola.

Google will only acquire the HTC smartphone research and development division, and not the company as a whole or the Virtual Reality (VR) technology development division that develops HTC Vive.

It also indicates that HTC is considering selling its entire smartphone business to Google, or strengthening the strategic partnership between the two in future device creation.

HTC is working with Google to produce Pixel and Pixel XL in 2016, and is reported to be continuing the partnership for Pixel 2 by 2017. 

In addition to HTC, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 smartphones are rumored to be launched in early October will also be produced by LG.

Information circulating call HTC will be more careful in wrestling the realm of VR, after experiencing difficult times in the smartphone business.  

As a reminder, HTC smartphone business suffered continuous losses over the past few years, in contrast to the business conditions VR is considered quite good.

The growth experienced by HTC Vive is enough to make this device dubbed the leader in the realm of VR, and make it as one of the two key market leaders in the VR device segment, alongside the headset works of Oculus, the Rift.

Circulating rumors that mention that late last August, HTC consider to sell business HTC Vive. Another outstanding rumor also calls HTC Vive marketed to consumers powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor chipset, but only available for Chinese territory.

HTC's latest financial statements feature August as HTC's worst single month in the last ten years. HTC is also rumored several times preparing to launch the HTC U11 mini, although until now the official launch of the device has not been realized. The last smartphone launched HTC is U11, on June 9 last.

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