Hacker Use Instagram Bug to Hack Selena Gomez Account

selena gomez and justin bieber
A bug in Instagram lets hackers get phone numbers and email addresses of celebrities and famous people. The bug recently found in the application programming interface (API) Instagram, precisely the service used to connect with other applications.
Instagram refused to tell, which users have become the target of hackers by exploiting this bug. However, two days ago, the celebrity Instagram account with the largest number of followers, Selena Gomez suddenly uploaded photos Justin Bieber naked
"We recently found that one or more people have gained unauthorized access to a number of high profile (especially celebrity) contact information, especially email addresses and phone numbers, by exploiting the bugs in the Instagram API," says Instagram in a statement.
"We fixed the bug quickly, we are also conducting a thorough investigation into this," Instagram said.
In addition, Facebook's short photo and video sharing platform has also announced to all verified account owners that the possibility of their contact information has been hacked by hackers.
For this reason, verified account owners are expected to be on guard against phone calls, SMS, or emails sent by strangers. Instagram did not mention the number of celebrity accounts affected by this bug. However, no denying that phone numbers and email addresses can indeed be used to log into the user Instagram.
That explains what happened to Gomez's account. Instagram account with 126 million followers was hacked by hackers. The hacker gains access to Gomez's Instagram account and uploads photos without Justin Bieber. A day later Gomez Instagram account back to normal.