HTC Develop U11 Life for Android One

HTC U11 Life
User-uploaded information and leakster, LlabTooFeR, on Twitter mentions that HTC Ocean Life will launch as part of the Android One program. The information was confirmed by Evan Blass, who also uploaded an image estimated as UTC U11 Life.

U11 Life will not be supported by most HTC apps, and will come with support for Android OS O labeled Sense 9.0_A1. Blass uploaded images also feature the front of a device that resembles U11.

HTC U11 Life will come with framing the dimensions of the device screen thicker. This smartphone is estimated to have features EdgeSense, USonic, Zoe and HTC Camera.  

U11 Life images also feature a simple design with volume buttons and power buttons on the right side and a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen.

HTC is reportedly in the final negotiation phase to sell some of its business to Google. The acquisition is considered to have a goal similar to the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone hardware division by Microsoft and Google on Motorola.

HTC also reportedly has the potential to sell its Vive VR hardware business, which is the most successful and most valuable part of the company. The consideration is a continuation of the steps taken by HTC last year, when business control Vive is given to its subsidiaries.

HTC again received a red report on its financial statements for the second quarter of 2017, with a net loss of $ 64.23 million. That number increased 3.9 percent from the previous quarter's loss of US$66, 87 million.

HTC is working with Qualcomm to create VR Standalone VR headsets that will be sold exclusively in China. The new headset from HTC is claimed to be a premium device and can run applications from HTC's Viveport platform without the need to connect to a PC.

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