Instagram Put Ads Threats on Facebook

Instagram accidentally promotes hate speech on Facebook. This happens allegedly due to algorithm errors on Instagram. Instagram accidentally used a photo written "I Will Rape You" to advertise its services on Facebook.

This was first reported by The Guardian media reporter Olivia Solon. The hate speech photo used to advertise Instagram is an e-mail screenshot containing hate speech addressed to Solon and uploaded on Instagram.

The ad was seen by Solon's sister on her Facebook account with a caption, "See photos of Olivia Solon and uploads from other friends on Instagram."

Actually, Solon did upload the screenshot about a year ago in his Instagram account. He gets five likes and lots of comments on the photo.

That way, you could say the photo has a high social engagement and trigger Instagram algorithm to use it as a Solon upload advertised on Facebook.

Although this is only one real example Instagram inadvertently promotes offensive content, it shows Instagram algorithm has not been prepared to filter out images full of hate speech that may appear on other online platforms, in this case Facebook.

Instagram party also gave his response. "We're sorry this happened, it's not what we want.

This notification appears as part of an effort to encourage Facebook user involvement in Instagram. This upload is received by a handful of Facebook user friends, "the statement said Instagram.

Last week, Facebook as Instagram's parent company was criticized for allowing advertisers to target users interested in hate speech listed on their user profiles.

It also received a response from Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. "We never intended to make this function used for such purposes," he said. Therefore, the social networking platform is now adding more human control over these things.

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