iPhone 8 Plus Camera Has the Best Test Score

iPhone 8 Plus
DxO camera benchmark specialists revise their testing and rating procedures, to make room for modern smartphone camera features. The update was rated giving Apple a chance to re-claim the throne as the device with the best camera. DxO has tested two new smartphones after receiving the update, and puts the iPhone 8 Plus at the top of its list of best camera devices. Meanwhile, in the second position is occupied by the iPhone 8.

Achievements achieved by the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 is also put the former best device is a work of Google devices in a difficult position.

And requires Google to regain the championship position through Google Pixel 2 which will be launched next week.

The new metrics that DxOMark brings as one of its valuing factors are features like blur, zoom and so on, which are not owned by previous generation iPhone, iPhone 7 or even iPhone 8 are smaller. Even so, the iPhone 8 can still outperform the smartphone that was launched this year.

Zoom and opaque are the two main features of the iPhone 8 Plus, and on those two features the Apple smartphone earns the highest score.

The iPhone 8 Plus also scored well in the HDR and video testing areas, with a value of 89 in the video area, parallel to HTC U11. While Google Pixel still won the video area with a value of 91.

DxOMark said, iPhone 8 also achieved the highest score in the area of single-camera performance, beating Google Pixel.

This smaller version is also superior when compared to iPhone 8 Plus in terms of video, but lost in the field of fixed photos, judged due to the absence of support for certain features.

The triumph of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is still potentially to be defeated by Samsung Galaxy Note 8, because DxOMark has not released the latest version of the list of newest test results.

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