iPhone 8 Tested Durability Against Conflict

iPhone 8
Apparently not much difference that carried by the iPhone 8 in terms of design, when compared with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6. But iPhone 8 brings the back panel is different when compared to two predecessors.

Apple's official smartphone launched this year is no longer using aluminum, and using glass panels. The use of these panels allows the Apple smartphone to be equipped with its new wireless charging feature.

Provision of glass rear panels also means two glass surfaces are cracked and even broken when falling. Similar materials used by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 was not spared from the damage during the impact test due to fall.

According to reports, CNET re-conducted its testing of Samsung and LG's flagship smartphone on the iPhone 8. When tested by dropping at a height of about one meter or pocket height, the first hit point of the iPhone 8 is its metallic frame, then landing with the back side.

When dropped, iPhone 8 suffered minor damage, but the screen still works, while the metal frame on the bent side is slightly bent, and there are two fractures on the glass corner in the opposite section.

In the test with a height of 1.5 meters, the phone hit the first time in the corner before then landed on the back.

The device screen is severely damaged, although the phone still works fine. Unfortunately the glass on the screen that cracked slightly peeled, although the glass on the back did not suffer significant damage.

In testing with a height of 15 meters, the device glass cracked quite badly, like other devices falling from that height. iPhone 8 first landed with the back, causing the camera lens also experienced a crack.

The glass comes off and peels off the phone, displaying some of the iPhone components, while the screen continues to crack.

Still installed, but the severe fracture experienced by the screen causes the user can not read the writing that it displays.

Based on the test results, iPhone 8 has a stronger endurance on the rear panel when compared with Samsung Galaxy S8 is cracked in the first test. The third glass of the device may be tough enough, but none of the three devices remain cracked and claimed to be entirely free of chance of cracking.

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